Sedans to SUVs: What do cars reveal about you?

Civic Saloon

The automobile industry rolls out about 30 new models across various segments excluding trims every year. The choice that one makes while choosing a car reveals a lot about you.

We take pride in our vehicles not just because are the second biggest investment that we make in our lifetime, but as they are extensions of our personalities. We tend to build an intimate relationship with our vehicles.

A few also give them names, clean them, give them checkups to make sure they are well cared for. They rely on them greater than just a means of getting from one place to the other.

Our vehicles make a statement of who we are. The type, segment, style, and color give onlookers a world of information about us.

What’s your style?

Brands play a major role in defining one’s status but the type of vehicle expresses more about our lives. Whether you zip through traffic in a compact hatch, cruise in a sedan on the highway, chauffeured to a business meeting in a saloon, make your way in an SUV, are on a vacay with the whole family in an MPV or even moving things around the city in a minivan, what we choose to drive represents who we are. So let’s get into what the style of your car reveals about you.

Hyundai i30 (Hatchback) Credit: Matt Mallett/Flickr


Hatchbacks are among the most car types in India. People driving hatches live in densely populated neighborhoods, like Metros or bustling cities. Compared to other types of vehicles these cars are fuel-efficient, easy to park in tight spots. Hatch drivers are a young, active and outgoing bunch but mostly mistaken for workaholics. Amid their busy lifestyles, these drivers are environmentally conscious, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

Etios (Sedan) Credit: Toyota India


Sedans are the fond choice of young families that need a little extra space to accommodate the weekend luggage or when you have to pick up your aunt from the airport. This is the ideal choice for a growing family. Sedan drivers are found to carry a sedate driving style. They aren’t a boring bunch but indicate that they are a more sensible and businesslike class. It is likely that sedans are the preferred choice of female drivers and have a relatively high income. Sedan drivers are a sensitive and conscious bunch who aren’t open to grand and sudden changes.

(Super-saloon) Accord Credit: Honda India


Saloons are a step-up from a mere utility, a little bit of luxury never hurts if it does there are super-saloons. Saloon or super-saloon owners prefer to be chauffeur-driven around as they place more value on themselves. These people often look to make a statement while being subtle about it. The owners of these types of cars tend to be mature, well-educated, independent and are of a high-income bracket. These individuals are generally goal-oriented workaholics. 

Suzuki Eeco Courtesy: Autocar India


These drivers are those who get things done. They often avoid high-density living situations and prefer to live in rural areas. Minivan drivers are clam workaholics and full-time employees, working in service-related jobs or in moving people or goods around. More room means fewer issues.

Innova (MPV) Credit: Toyota Bharat


Compared to other drivers, those that own MPVs are considerably calmer than their counterparts. They enjoy traveling long distances and are definitely not lone drivers. MPVs are more likely to be found in the suburbs, bustling cities too have a fair share of these vehicles plying their roads. These middle-aged drivers and enjoy family life. It’s no surprise that those that own one of these vehicles are often nominated for carpool duties or engaged in fleets. Who would buy such big cars just to drive themselves around alone?

Harrier (SUV) Credit: Tata Motors


SUV drivers are not labeled as letting their vehicles do all the talking for them. These drivers generally carry an assertive and demanding attitude. These drivers like their cars are difficult to miss and aren’t as loud as their vehicles. However, most urban SUV drivers have a daily driver as stock. SUVs spotted in the city are less likely to have gone off the tarmac as they are mostly used as weekend drivers. SUVs are normally driven for short distances compared to other vehicles listed. The average age demographic of SUV drivers is forty and younger. These types of vehicles are preferred by drivers that live in the countryside. However, Rural SUV owners use their vehicles for multiple purposes, often relating to either work, family or farm.

BMW 760Li Credit: BMW in


It is no surprise that exotic car owners are status seekers and more prone to driving longer distances. These owners tend to drive their cars themselves as opposed to the saloon owners. These drivers are generally young at heart and have a lot of spare cash lying around to buy such expensive toys. Both the driver and the car make a statement of authority. With Exotics size doesn’t matter as much as its grunt. In psychology, these drivers enjoy the stardom and fanfare their cars get them. They use their cars as decoys to divert attention from themselves to their cars.

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