‘Don’t worry Indian economy, our ‘alcohol lovers’ are here to help’: Memes galore as liquor stores open in green zones

Alcohol memes

The lockdown due to coronavirus has robbed many livelihoods in the fragile Indian economic cycle and taking a toll on the mental health of many people and one of the ‘most affected’ group of people are our ‘alcohol lovers’.

After filling the government and brewery coffers with their hard-earned money everyday for years, these alcohol lovers had to face a month of being sober.

For many of these alcohol lovers, their daily booze intake is a regular habit and the unavailability of liquor has led to withdrawal symptoms and there have been isolated incidents across the country where people have tried for alternate methods to get their dose of high. From preparing booze at home to drinking sanitizers, these dangerous actions have claimed some lives.

So the third time extension of lockdown was hard news for many but then the news of restrictions on liquor sale lifted in green zones was like rain in the summer.

On Monday, long before the liquor shops opened after nearly 40 days, our alcohol lovers gathered at liquor stores across the country and the social distancing protocol, which was has been the topic of discussion ever since the coronavirus spread became life-threatening, just vanished away as the goal of procuring a liquor bottle took precedence.

Scenes of the love for getting tipsy have given our lovable meme-makers enough content for probably the next few days and let’s wait and watch which funny template becomes viral. However for now, we leave you with some scenes and funny memes, courtesy our alcohol lovers.

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