What does your taste in music say about you?


Everyone has a unique taste in be it in food, books, films, fashion, music, cars, bikes, and other things that they hold close to their heart. On average an Indian consumes 19.1 hours of music in a week, higher than other parts of the world, states “Digital Music Study 2019”.

Psychologists have found that the type of music you listen to reveals a lot about your personality. Whether you listen to sophisticated or simple music says a lot about you.

If you are drawn to simple tunes, you are likely to be an energetic and talkative person. If you love opera then you are an insightful and imaginative personality. Two Cambridge University studies reveal the relationship between the music one listens to and their personality.

In a similar study, over 20,000 participants were presented with musical extracts from different genres and asked to fill surveys to assess their personality.

Open personalities like sophisticated music over mellow tunes. These people scored highly for openness to learn new things. Extroverts prefer unpretentious music which is relaxing and acoustic.

However, agreeable people gave all genres high scores, while nervous people marked harshly, according to the Telegraph.

Heavy Metal

Adrian North, a music psychology scholar, conducted a three-year study correlating the musical preferences and personality traits of over 36k participants.

The study found that heavy metal fans are delicate who carry traits similar to classical music lovers, only younger. This bunch is often misunderstood to be suicidally depressed but heavy metal has something spiritual about it.


Reflective and complex is how both classical music and the people who listen to it can be described. Dr. North’s research reveals that classical lovers are creative, introverted, and show high self-esteem. They see listening as a theatrical experience and share a love of the grandiose with metal fans and tend to be older and make more money. They are considered smart, according to a 2009 comparison of students’ SAT scores with their most-liked bands on Facebook.

The study found that students who like Beethoven had an average SAT score of 137; more than 100 points higher than fans of the second-place entry (indie instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens). As for the lowest-scoring students? They love Lil Wayne. But doesn’t paint a complete picture of hip-hop fans yet.


Hip-hop fans enjoy social aspects of music like dancing, singing along and experiencing it with others instead of imprisoning it in a pair of headphones. They are energetic and rhythmic listeners, rated as extroverted and have high self-esteem in North’s research. Rap fans share a quality with Kanye West known as blirtatiousness; the tendency to blurt out thoughts as soon as they are formed.


Pop fans were found to be less creative compared to listeners of other categories and tend to be worriers. The study also reveals that they were outgoing and sociable who generally carry high self-esteem.

Listeners who incessantly replay singles from top charts are likely to use music to regulate their mood. The brain has been shown to release dopamine, a hormone and a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the way brain and body function, before the peak of one’s favorite song.


Classic rock fans work hard and are at ease with themselves. They are a self-centered bunch compared to other listeners, anyone who has tried to score a spot at a crowded music festival can approve of this. Like pop lovers, fans of yesteryear’s hits are likely to use music to regulate their mood, as their favorite songs are mostly associated with intense and emotional life experiences.

No two rock songs are created equal, though. Indie rock fans tend to be creative and open to new experiences and openness, leading to musical aptitude, Punk rock fans mostly carry low self-esteem and compromise on work ethic. These fans are intense, energetic, and low on empathy.

Folk, Jazz, and Blues

They are a liberal bunch that is reflective, open-minded, and highly creative. They take politics like new experiences. Their brains are more likely to be exercised by music than their bodies. If you are inclined to jazz improvisation, you may even turn off part of your brain to unlock extra creativity.


Country listeners are an agreeable and extroverted bunch, and hard workers too. They are likely to be politically conservative, proving the stereotype true. Country fans unpretentious and empathizers who are less open to other types of music.


Different traits appear among EDM fans of all kinds however they are an outgoing and social bunch. EDM spans across a wide range of genres, but there are only a few Fans of electronic dance music. This kind of music is fast gaining ground, insanely high beats per minute BPM make it a nuisance and displeasing to listen to.

EDM is widely accepted and criticized around the world. It is a new kind of pop that directly competes for radio playtime. Songs that make young crowds pump it can now be heard playing on popular radio stations.

Most people listen to more than one type of music, and you should too! It might not change your personality, but has its list of benefits. Our musical preferences give you an insight of what listeners of different genres might be onto, this is not supposed to divide us but unite us!

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