From ‘Tabaah’ to ‘Chan Mahi’: Neha Bhasin the ‘Independent Artist’ stands tall

Singer Neha Bhasin

Popular singer Neha Bhasin, known for her work in Bollywood, has also produced some great songs in the independent music circuit. In addition to Hindi, she has rendered many hit numbers in various languages that include Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and Marathi.

Though Neha made her singing debut in 2005 with Bollywood flick ‘Bullet: Ek Dhamaka’, it was not until 2007 that she got her big break. Thanks to Yuvan Shankar Raja, she entered the Kollywood industry and got immediately noticed. Her songs ‘Pesugiren Pesugiren’ from ‘Satham Podathey’ and ‘Sei Yethaavathu’ from Ajith-starrer ‘Billa’ turned out to be massive hits, elevating her career to the next stage.

She has rendered many memorable songs in the film world over that last decade, some of which are still often find radio air time. Neha’s travel as an independent artist started way back in 2010 with ‘Tabaah’.

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Since then she has went on to produce many independent songs in both Hindi and Punjabi. These include ‘Bajre Da Sita’, ‘Aansu Bhari Hai’, ‘Nai Jaana’, ‘Madhaniya’, ‘Chan Mahi’ amongst others.

Many of the songs mentioned above have went on to clock millions of views on YouTube. Here is the complete list of Neha Bhasin’s independent songs.

Song Name Lable/Produced By Year of Release Language Link to Video
Tabaah Beatfactory music 2010 Hindi Click Here
Apple Bottoms Reebok 2010 Hindi Click Here
Tera Mera Reliance Big Entertainment 2012 Hindi Click Here
Latthe Di Chadar One Digital Entertainment 2014 Punjabi Click Here
Bajre Da Sita Imaginary Friend Films and 5 am Audio 2015 Punjabi Click Here
Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki (Cover) Imaginary Friend Films and 5 am Audio 2015 Hindi Click Here
Kuch Khaas Hai Unplugged One Digital Entertainment 2015 Hindi Click Here
Aansu Bhari Hai   2015 Hindi Click Here
Akh Kashni Sameer Uddin 2015 Punjabi Click Here
Nai Jaana Sameer Uddin 2016 Hindi Click Here
Madhaniya Sameer Uddin 2016 Punjabi Click Here
Laung Gawacha Sameer Uddin 2016 Punjabi Click Here
Shudai Sameer Uddin 2017 Hindi Click Here
Chan Mahi Sameer Uddin 2017 Punjabi Click Here

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