Have you seen the coffin dancers’ meme? Here’s how it all started

Coffin Dance

If you are an active social media user, then by now you would have scrolled upon a seemingly hilarious video of few guys of African descent holding a coffin and dancing with a catchy EDM music in the background. Well, then you’ve been introduced to the dancing pallbearers of Ghana.

The funny video went viral recently with social media platforms filling up with video memes of goof-ups followed by the guys dancing with the coffin.


The dancing pallbearers news actually came out in 2017 when BBC featured a documentary on the tradition to celebrate death as a journey to another world. The pallbearers with their impressive moves help the grieving souls to bid farewell to their loved ones.

However, the recent meme trend picked up after the video started doing rounds as a reaction to funny and albeit painful goofups like slipping off, falling down and other such mishaps.

The astronomia soundtrack used as a background evoked a few laughs at the misery of others and the video meme has gained worldwide fame with several compilations of goofups with the dancing pall bearer videos garnering views in the millions.

A little dose of humor at this time of a deadly pandemic is exactly what the doctor would have prescribed and the coffin meme trend does exactly that though at the expense of someone else’s pain. Well, then most humor is actually at the expense of someone else, ain’t it.

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