Inhaler release their single ‘Ice Cream Sundae’

Dublin based band Inhaler

Dublin based band Inhaler recently released their single ‘Ice Cream Sundae’. This catchy number is definitely speaks volume about the capacity of the band.

Track frontman Elijah Hewson shared some insights about the track. He said, “I like writing about normal teenage experiences that everybody can relate to. I’m just trying to write about the joy of being alive, being a teenager, and the bad things that can come with that.”

Check the song below:

Who are Inhaler?

Inhaler are a Dublin based four-piece band, though formed in 2012, they came up with the name in 2015.

Lead singer of Inhaler

As mentioned earlier, Inhaler’s frontman is Elijah Hewson, whose dad is Paul Hewson aka Bono Vox, the lead singer of U2.

Other members of Inhaler

  • Josh Jenkinson on guitar
  • Rob Keating on bass
  • Ryan McMahon on drums

All of them met at St Andrews school in Blackrock, Dublin.

Some notable songs released by Inhaler

  • I Want You (January 2017)
  • It Won’t Always Be Like This (April 2019)
  • My Honest Face (May 2019)

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