KG Balajee’s quirky videos with an unexpected twist are sure to tickle your funny bone

Adishta Raj

Social media is the place to go to beat your lockdown blues and with several content creators putting out their humorous and quirky content for the world to see, there is no dearth for entertainment.

One such content creators who is providing us with several laughs is KG Balajee who shares his quirky short videos on the Instagram handle

The artist creates videos using photoshopped pictures of himself in different scenarios. His protagonist in most of the videos is Adishta Raj and the stories, usually under a minute, portray Adishta Raj in quirky situations and scenes usually ending with an unexpected twist.

Though he has been making videos for some time now, it was a ‘Single Pasanga’ video featuring an unexpected guest that catapulted him into the viral material zone. The video has more than 1.8 lakh views on Instagram.

The quirky content creator’s dark humour sense has been visible in the content he shares. During the ongoing lockdown, KG Balajee or rather Adishta Raj has been sharing some very ‘valuable’ timepass tips.

These include scuba diving in your house water tank, rotating like Shaktimaan in the grinder, wearing a cat costume and scaring the rats. Adishta Raj has also given some lockdown relief tips which include dying and roaming around as a ghost.

These funny videos are a definite stress buster for the locked-down souls.

Check out KG Balajee’s quirky videos here:

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