Ranu Mondal: The railway station singer who turned into Bollywood’s nightingale

Bollywood singer Ranu Mondal

When was the last time you came across someone making a living by singing at a railway station and all of a sudden making a Bollywood debut a few days later? Most probably never.

But, that’s the exact miracle story that happened to Ranu Mondal, the woman who became an overnight sensation after a video of her singing went viral. One of the passerby at West Bengal railway station recorded her singing ‘Ek Pyaar Nagma Hai’ and put it up on social media.

Ranu Mondal’s rendition of Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen song became an instant hit on social media platforms. The song grabbed a lot of attention not only from the people but also from the Bollywood industry as well.

Popular music composer-singer Himesh Reshammiya, who got mesmerized by Ranu’s voice offered her to sing in his upcoming film ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’. Ranu Mondal has sung two songs in the film – ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ and ‘Aadat’.

Check out ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ below:

Ranu Mondal’s Prior Bollywood Connection

During a recent interaction with IANS, Ranu Mondal said, “I wasn’t born on a footpath. I belonged to a well-to-do family but it was my destiny. I got separated from my parents when I was just six months old. We shifted from West Bengal to Mumbai after marriage. My husband worked at filmstar Feroz Khan’s house as a cook. His son Fardeen was in college at that time. They used to treat us very well, like family members. We had a house but you know you need people to maintain it. There were so many days of loneliness. I struggled a lot but always believed in God. I used to sing according to situations. It wasn’t to get singing opportunities, just for the love of singing.”

Ranu Mondal’s Ultimate Dream

Ranu also stated that she wished to buy a house in Mumbai. She said, “I am very happy and feeling great. I have already recorded five to six songs. The thing is, music facilities in Mumbai mean a lot to me. They are important. To commute to and from my home to Mumbai on a plane is also difficult. It would have been good had there been a house in Mumbai. But I don’t have to think about it. God is there.”

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